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Frequently Asked Questions


Got a query? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below – we might have the answer ready for you.

How Long Do I Keep The Skip For?

Our hire duration is dependant on the size of the skip you’ve hired. 

Little Midi – 5 Day Hire
Mighty Midi – 5 Day Hire
Super Six – 14 Day Hire
Great Eight – 14 Day Hire

If you expect to require the skip for longer than the above hire duration, please let us know prior to ordering the skip so this can be arranged. Please contact the office as soon as the skip is finished with, as we will not collect immediately without instruction.

Where Can The Skip Be Placed?

The choice is completely down to you, we’ll use our expertise to guide you on the best placement and do everything possible to accommodate your request.


If you’re thinking about placing your skip on the road, we ask our customers to consider this:

Could you safely park your car there?

If so, there’s no problem as we can usually place a skip wherever a car can safely be parked. We’ll even apply to the council for the relevant road permit, at no extra cost*.

We’ll also provide lights and cones for maximum safety and visibility.


Many customers fear that their driveway and access is too small to accommodate the typical size skip trucks. We noticed this residential demand early and have always run a smaller 7.5ton truck to tend to these jobs. This is one of the many reasons customers continue to use Browns, as many other companies have trucks twice the size and struggle to gain access.

Before we place a skip on the driveway, we perform a risk assessment, considering the following:

Is the drive of sufficient construction to take a skip?
Are there any trees which will be damaged?
Are there any low-level telephone cables?

All drivers carry wooden planks that can be used to protect the driveway, should you be concerned about damage etc.

What time can I expect delivery of my skip?

Our drivers deliver in the morning, so you can expect delivery between 8am – 1pm.

If you require delivery for a certain time, please mention this when ordering. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request although we’re unable to give specific times over the phone as many factors dictate when a skip is delivered, such as availability, traffic etc.

Feel free to contact the office on the morning of the delivery day for a more accurate time.

Do I need to apply for a permit?

If your skip is going to be placed on the Public Highway, a permit is required. As part of our service to you, we’ll apply for the permit and liaise with the council on your behalf. There’s no extra charge in the NELC Council Area.

Need further information or advice?

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